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Evaluating Potential Health Impacts of Recreational Exposure to Contaminated Sediments Along Cornwall’s Waterfront

As part of Cornwall’s rich industrial past, many pollutants and other industrial wastes were discharged directly into the St. Lawrence River. Over time, these contaminants settled and built up in high concentrations in the sediment along the Cornwall waterfront, leading to the development and implementation of the Cornwall Sediment Strategy in 2014. In 2018, the Human Toxicology and Air Standards section of the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks was requested to evaluate the risk to human health from recreational use of the Cornwall waterfront. Marco Pagliarulo and Andrew Morley of the Ministry of Environment, Conservation, and Parks will be presenting the Sediment Guidelines for Recreational Use of the St. Lawrence River Waterfront at Cornwall, Ontario and the role of these guidelines in evaluating human health risks associated with potential exposures to sediment contaminants during recreational activities.

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Where is the RAP at?

River Symposium 2020 -Community Day

Dr. Jeff Ridal discusses the current priorities of the RAP and describes how governments, communities, and local organizations are working together on collaborative projects to restore and protect the Area of Concern.

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